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Automated Tiering Across Platforms for Long Term Data Retention

Active ArchiveAn Active Archive combines archive applications along with disk and tape hardware allowing users to preserve, protect and access all of their archival or tier 3 data at any time. It provides online access to all of your data at any time. In an active archive, more active archival data often resides on disk serving as a cache buffer while the less active archival data resides on tape. An Active Archive may contain production data, no matter how old or infrequently accessed, that can still be retrieved online if needed. Moving infrequently accessed data off primary storage to a low cost form of media can reduce load on both primary storage and disk backups. With less need for higher performance spinning disk, you'll save on costly forklift upgrades; as well as power, cooling, and square footage.

A Value Added Reseller (VAR) such as DataSpan, can provide both hardware and software solutions to tailor the needs of individual clients who are looking to create an Active Archive. As a member of the Active Archive Alliance, DataSpan is committed to providing a quality solution for long term data retention. Our Active Archive partners include: Crossroads, Dell, FujiFilm, HP, Imation, Qstar, and Spectra Logic. Our experts can discuss appropriate applications of each, and design a true archive for your business, from the ground up.

  • Automatically Tier data across heterogeneous platforms
  • Offload stale data to lower cost media
  • Online access to all data, at any time
  • Long Term Data Retention and Ensured Accessibility
  • Inter-compatibility of multiple platforms
  • Single pain of glass archive management

Active Archive Certified Architect

From consultation to implementation, when it comes to creating Active Archive, DataSpan has the experience and expertise to assist you from selection to implementation. Our trained sales and engineering staff and help you make the right choice for you active archive data storage needs. Our engineering staff hold the Active Archive Certified Architect (AACA) accreditation. We work with you to listen, understand your needs, and help select the right solution both from a functionality and budget perspective.

The Storage Pyramid - the Active Archive Approach

Over the last couple of years the industry realized that there are much easier ways to retain data for the long term while keeping it "online" and/or content searchable in the event that a request was made for a file in archive. This particular slide represents a file based system architecture which this kinda cloudy thing represents here. An active archive appliacation such as Qstar or Stornext, or Filetek resides on multiple platforms/tiers moving the data which is stale to lower cost media and the data which is frequently accessed to faster spinning disk. Online all the time, and always visible.


Active Archive Advantages

  • Rapid access to all data
  • Compliance and e-discovery through intelligent tape storage
  • Organizational Efficiencies
  • Savings through tiering of data
  • Savings through power reduction
  • Space savings through the use of high‐density tape libraries
  • Reduced Backup Windows

Types of Archiving Today & Future

Target Based Tape with LTFS
- Can be a simpler architecture
- 3 Tier Architecture, Primary Disk, Backup Target, Tape Archive
- LTFS Appliance with LTFS Tape Drives

Specialized File System
- More Complex Architecture
- In Band
- Out of Band
- Hybrid
- FileTek, QStar, StorNext

Intelligent Data Management Framework That Provides…

Greater Capacity: Effortlessly scale to petabytes of storage
Lower Cost: Reduce cost per TB as much as 75%
High Accessibility: File-level access to less active data
Easy Administration: Simple management of unstructured data

By applying an active archive software layer that allows the existing file system to expand over disk and tape library technologies, organizations can now build a persistent view of the data in their archives, making it easier to access files whenever needed. The diagram below illustrates how you can easily implement an active archive deployment alongside a data protection strategy.

Active Archive Resource Center

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