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Quantum media development is among the most stringent in the industry. Derived from our DLT heritage, it combines the high design and qualification standards of Quantum with those of our customers. In addition to our own comprehensive testing regimen that includes field testing our media in our own line of stand-alone drives and automated tape libraries, Quantum also qualifies our products for use in hardware from other industry solutions and consortium members. This ensures cross-platform compatibility, optimal performance, and reliability, whether you’re using a Quantum tape drive or library, or LTO hardware from another manufacturer.

Quantum Media

Quantum LTO 5


The Quantum’s Ultrium tape cartridges have been optimized for high capacity and performance with outstanding reliability, in either stand-alone or automated environments.

The Quantum Ultrium product line ranges from 200GB (compressed) to 6.25TB (compressed) storage capacity per cartridge, making it an ideal choice for capacity specific backup and archive applications. Available in LTO 3, LTO 4, LTO 5, and now LTO 6.

Quantum LTO Data Media Data Sheet Quantum LTO Media Data Sheet
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Designed for compatibility with all DLTtape drives, Quantum DLTtape media is manufactured to the highest levels of quality control to ensure low error rates, outstanding durability and a 30-year archival life. Providing high storage capacities from 80-600 GB (compressed), Quantum DLTtape cartridges ensure reliable protection of your mission critical data.

Quantum DLT Media Data Sheet Quantum DLT Media Data Sheet
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Quantum’s DAT and DDS (4mm) data cartridges are the ideal solution to high-volume backup and archiving requirements. With capacity of up to 72GB (compressed), these easy-to-handle compact cartridges provide cost-efficient backup and long-term archiving, maintaining your critical data safely for years.

Quantum DAT/DDS Media Data Sheet Quantum DAT/DDS Media Data Sheet
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