Asset Audit Services

Why Audit/Inventory Your IT Assets?

DataSpan understands the challenges your IT staff face on a daily basis. Your day-to-day operational requirements leave little time for inventory management and audit procedures.

Knowing which IT assets you have and how they are used is a challenge in today’s complex and ever evolving IT infrastructure environment, and effectively managing assets is more important than ever.

With over 35 years of experience working with all types of data center assets, we can provide off-site and on-site inventory audits, electronic reconciliation of records and exception reports. Turn to DataSpan for your next IT asset audit and inventory.

What We Offer

DataSpan Services & Advantages

  • Knowing which assets you have, where they are, and their current configuration
  • Reliable asset inventory for audit purposes
  • Assets strategically staged for disaster recovery
  • Tracking assets to keep with latest software and hardware updates
  • Planning IT migrations and new IT projects
  • Correlating IT assets against business financial records such as contracts and licenses to better control risks and liabilities

Reduce IT Costs

  • Better Asset Visibility
  • Maintain Optimal Environment
  • Improved Productivity
  • Audit Automation
  • National & Global Coverage