Turn-key cooling solutions from design to installation.

How to keep your Data Center Cool

Effectively cool your data center, IDF or MDF rooms with the latest cooling technologies from DataSpan.  In-row, down-flow, ceiling mounted, rack mounted and portable options to meet every sized room and capacity need.  Systems can be designed to take advantage of “free” cooling when climate conditions allow.  Customized cooling systems designed to meet your goals.

What We Offer

DataSpan Services & Advantages

  • Air Flow Management
  • Blanking Panels
  • Ceiling Cooling
  • CFD-Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies
  • Chillers
  • Cold/Hot Aisle Containment
  • Cooling System Design and Installation Services
  • Directional/High Flow Floor Tiles
  • Down Flow Cooling
  • In-Row Cooling
  • Portable Cooling
  • Rack Door Heat Exchangers
  • Rack Mounted Cooling

Efficient Data Center Cooling

  • Improved Equipment Uptime
  • Industry Recommended Best Practices
  • Maintain Optimal Cooling Environment
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Potential for Utility Rebates
  • Scalable for Future Growth