Turnkey Data Destruction and Eradication Services

Our Services Include Tape, Hard or SSD Drive Devices

Eliminate your concern about data security or exposure for all your data media devices now and in the future. DataSpan offers turnkey customizable services to securely store, inventory, pack, erase, wipe/sanitize, degauss or destroy all data tape, HDD/rotary or SSD/solid state and flash drive media. We can lease or sell secure storage containers to stage your devices until a cost-effective quantity is ready for a service call.

DataSpan provides onsite or offsite secure solutions across the US and the globe utilizing NSA (National Security Agency) and all other government certified eradication or destruction services to meet your requirements. Our network of certified partners and expertise in the industry allows us to utilize the best and most effective resource to meet your internal company objectives. We ensure the service meets all local government and environmental guidelines from beginning to end of the project.

Manage your Data Security and Exposure Risks

DataSpan Services & Advantages

  • US and Global Reach
  • Turnkey handling, inventory and Reconciliation Services
  • Degaussing and Crushing Services
  • Onsite Drive & Tape Wipe Services
  • Wipe Services Creating Valuable Re-use or Buyback Options
  • Onsite Shreding in Both U.S. and Global Sites
  • US and Global Certified Partners
  • Downstream Approved Recycling
  • Meet NSA and NIST 800-88 Requirements
  • HIPPA and DOD Compliant
  • Standardized Sign Off and COD Forms
  • Member of NAID and Data Protection Association

Data Media ITAD Experts

  • Ability to meet Destruction Goals
  • Establish Secure Process and Procedures
  • Cost Effective Standardized Solution
  • US and Global Partner Solutions
  • Customized Solutions for all Requirements
  • One Point of Contact