DCIM Solutions


The need has never been greater to ensure your data center’s reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Leveraged as a solution to help with data center planning, construction and daily operations, DCIM software is designed to create a clear path toward achieving and maintaining an optimized environment.

By implementing the right DCIM solution, users are able to:

  • Effectively measure power utilization for current capacity and forecasted requirements
  • Determine overall power efficiency through numerous metrics and ratings (such as PUE)
  • Understand which equipment is being under-utilized
  • Project how tech refreshes or MAC’s will improve data center efficiency and capacity
  • Better manage risks associated with device failover
  • More effectively manage utility costs associated with energy consumption
  • Have a clearer projection of ROI’s for improving data center efficiency
  • Be in a better position to create and achieve environmental sustainability goals

What We Offer

DataSpan Services & Advantages

Risk Mitigation

  • Multi-Channel Advance Alert System
  • PUE Measurement
  • Energy Analysis and Reporting
  • Failover Monitoring and Alerting
  • Real-Time Failure Detection and Alerting

Capacity Planning

  • Hardware Auto-Discovery
  • Network Port Mapping
  • Electrical Mapping
  • Capacity Modeling
  • Visio Integration

Data Center Management

  • IP Address Discovery
  • Label Management
  • Power Control
  • Offline Stencil Management
  • Environmental Monitoring and Alerting

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Hardware & Protocol Agnostic
  • Reliable Data Collection
  • Executive Dashboard Interface
  • Innovative Mobile Applications
  • Industry’s Only “Granular DCIM”
  • Online Training & Certification