Customized Archive Solutions

Let Us Help Reduce Archive Storage Costs

Choose an archive storage application that fits your needs as your company grows. DataSpan’s archive solutions are designed with your specific requirements and cost savings in mind.

Our archive options are created to make your environment faster, easier to manage, and to greatly reduce storage and energy costs. This enables you to save your primary and secondary storage for current use, and you can always rehydrate high end storage directly and seamlessly from an archive.  As always, we will fit you with a solution you need today, while providing scalability for the future.

What We Offer

DataSpan’s Customized Solutions

  • Reduce Primary Storage Usage
  • Reduce Backup Windows
  • Reduce Power and Cooling Costs
  • NAS
  • SAN
  • Object storage
  • Tape storage with LTFS (a tape file system that manages itself)
  • Cloud

Proven Storage Partners

  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions
  • New Archive Technologies
  • Reduce Physical Footprint
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Customized Solutions
  • National and Global Coverage